About Us

We are the World’s largest collection agency network with our headquarters in the UK. We operate in over 100 countries, and collectively employ in excess of 2000 people.

All of our global Partners have been selected because they represent the very best available in the country where they operate. Typically they will be the market leader with many decades of experience and demonstrate best practice in every area of their operations.

Many of our clients are either governments or household name multi-nationals and have selected us because we represent the best and most credible solution available anywhere in the world.

All of our worldwide partners operate to the same standard. Because we are all linked into the same system clients have access to their account data in real time. Different time zones, languages and jurisdictions are no longer barriers to effective global collections.  Our clients select us and stay with us because we deliver performance, compliance and value for money.

Everywhere we operate we do so to the highest compliance standards.