ICE delivers standards of excellence expected by the most demanding sectors in the world. We are confident that our compliance standards cannot be matched by any other supplier. Moreover, as transparency is key to that commitment, we evidence everything we do with fully auditable documentation.

Every process is designed to deliver positive customer outcomes.  Processes for vulnerable customers, affordability checks and complaint handling sit at the very core of our business.

Best Practice

Our clients entrust us with their reputations, their money and their data. They rightly expect that our compliance programme ensures that their interests are never compromised. ICE is both ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 accredited, representing the highest standards in our sector. Those standards, in conjunction with membership of the most respectable bodies worldwide, ensure that every element of ICE embraces best practice in every part of our service delivery. Examples of areas at the core of our programme are:

Information Security
Treating Customers Fairly
Supplier Management
Risk Management
Anti Bribery & Money Laundering
Business Continuity
Record Management
Account Handling
PCI Security